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Reflections by Heather

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"If you seek peace, be still. 

If you seek wisdom, be silent. 

If you seek love, be yourself."

~ Becca Lee ~

© Heather Luhmann

This quote reminded me of the experience I had during my week long silent retreat last year


I was still for the week, not “doing” anything but “being “ and my body started to settle, calm and relax


I was silent. I didn’t speak, but I also didn’t watch tv, movies, listen to music or read a book. I didn’t arouse my mind but instead tried to quiet it 


To really calm my body and quiet my mind took half of the week to get there but eventually everything settled and quieted. 


And it opened me up to a peace I had not recognized before 


and I was ready to hear God’s voice in the whisper of my soul


But rather than a voice, it was more of a presence I felt inside and around me… 


I was safe, I was being held, I was loved and accepted beyond measure… and so was everyone else


and in those moments I really could trust and let go… it was so natural to surrender to this felt presence… to not only surrender myself and all those I love and cherish but also our dreams and desires …nothing was needed 


I felt His abundance 


Of course the busyness of my body and mind and the stress of life returned eventually when I got home bringing all of its qualities and energy back with it… 


the energy of not enough, more is needed, keep going, keep doing… which of course I need a balance of this to live my life… 


and my ongoing struggle seems to be finding that balance 


But that week was amazing and I can still remember what that peace, calm, abundance and love felt like and I’m grateful to have glimpsed what I know is always there.


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