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An Invitation


I invite you to take a few minutes to BE with yourself as you start your day :)


Bring your attention inward... what is already awake and present inside of you?


Is there an energy you can notice? ... is it luring you awake, bringing you motivation and excitement to start your day? Is it sluggish, urging you to stay in bed? Is it anxious or hesitant for the day ahead? Does it have a different quality? What kind of energy is greeting you this morning?


What other parts of you are already awake and present for you?


Is there a part that holds your "to do" list and is already going through it with you..."Get up, we have a lot to do. No time to waste".


Is there a part of you that wants to work out, exercise this morning?


Is there a part of you that wants to take it slow this morning, maybe sitting or walking outside, enjoying the beginning of the day, not rushing?


Is there a part of you that is longing for something?


Is there a part of you that is content and happy?


Maybe there is a part of you that is fearful or uneasy.


I'm inviting you to spend a few minutes with yourself this morning, noticing and naming the many parts of you that are already present. 


And then, maybe get curious about each one. What are they trying to do for you? Why do they show up? What is their job? What do they hope for you today?


And especially notice if there is a part of you that you don't like for some reason. A part that makes it hard for you to do the things you want to do or makes you feel a way you don't want to feel.


Get really curious about those parts. Why do they show up? What do they believe and what experiences are they are holding? Are they afraid for you, afraid of some bad outcome? How do they see themselves and their role for you? What is their good intentions for you? 


Of course, the answers won't be revealed all at once. And your mind will come in and try to quickly answer these questions and want to move you along (LOL). That's what minds do... they want to figure things out quickly! 


But these are questions directed inside... what is going on inside? 


Sometimes inside seems so scary and we do so many things to stay away from what is going on inside. We stay busy, we have our addictions, we have our favorite distractions...I know and understand that very well. 


As you spend time with the different parts of yourself, getting curious and being interested in them, getting to know them as you would a new friend, I wonder what you will learn about each of your parts?



Awareness is essential for growth and healing. Without awareness we are stuck on the same hamster wheel, not knowing what is keeping us in the same place and why.



A way that has helped me go inside is to look at it as there is a whole new world to explore inside. One you will never finish exploring, it's dynamic and changing and developing as we speak!!! It's vast and unlike anything you have ever known. It's YOU! 


Maybe you will find that approach motivating to explore too :)


I wonder what you will uncover or see in a different way when you listen to the parts of you that you will meet; when you listen, see and really get to know each one. 

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Heather Luhmann

You can reach Heather at:, or on Instagram and Facebook at Live Your Essence Today.


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