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The Holistic Brains

Cécile Bersegeay

When I first saw Caryn, she had a lot to say about her children, her feelings, her frustration…she was experiencing a rush of negative emotions such as sadness, pain and guilt.


A few years ago, her son, who had a genetic disease, died in hospital after many months of treatment. It has been an emotional rollercoaster period for the family, with hope and despair, fear, anxiety, worry and anger.


Caryn had an older child, a girl called Lucy. Lucy, who was an adult at this time, had a severe breakdown. Even though she had a good job, a very nice boyfriend with whom she had bought a house, Lucy felt empty. Her mind went in circles, constantly flooded with doubts and anguish. She even thought about suicide.


Caryn felt helpless. She wanted to support her daughter, she talked a lot with her, tried to spend as much as time as possible with her. Caryn’s worries were so strong that her body began to utilize all its energy to deal with her chronic stress. As a result, she no longer had any energy left, she put on weight, she felt overwhelmed and lonely. Day after day, she was reproducing the same emotions; her body, literally, became her mind. And since, how we think, how we act, and where we focus our attention are where our energy goes, Caryn’s reality was totally created by her negative feelings. She was stuck in a rut and felt miserable. 


So, what could Caryn do to break this circle and find her individual coherence and harmony again? What could you do if you were in the same kind of situation?

Well…Focus your thinking on “My Holistic Brains!” These magical little words are few in number, but incredibly powerful!


What are they? Where are they? How do you use them?



They are beyond your physical world, your identity, your environment. They are beyond time. They are energy centers, also referred to as chakras, made up of information and consciousness, carrying signals, working just like radio waves. We have around 80,000 energy centers in our body (you could visualize them like spirals which expand when you activate them) but we usually focus on 7 or 8 of them (take a look at the figure at the end of the text)

Each of these energy centers has its own gland, hormones and chemicals. But more than anything, they have their own brain…and therefore, they have a mind of their own! Each of them has its own individual frequency. Since emotions are energy (e-motion, energy in motion), if negative emotions get stuck in your body and in different centers, your creativity and capability to heal yourself are trapped and cannot flow anymore.

Caryn’s first 3 centers (survival centers) were consuming a lot of energy. As a result, her ‘light field’ was diminishing and her physical body began to shrink.


To re-ignite her energy, Caryn first had to take time for herself and disconnect from her daughter’s problems. You can’t help someone else if you can’t help yourself first!

She made the decision to devote a small part of her busy day to reconnect with herself. A sacred time with no distractions. Only her and her feelings and her needs. She resolved to nourish her mind with elevated emotions like joy and gratitude. Fifteen minutes per day, Caryn sat quietly and meditated. She concentrated her attention on her body, the sensations she could feel within, and she also became more aware of the space around her. At the same time, she let her thoughts go and pass by. She then focused her full attention on her seven main chakras and gently breathed within them, four times in each one. And finally, in one deep breath from the first chakra through to the seventh. This simple exercise made a huge difference in her life. After few days, she felt more relaxed and focused. Her energy increased and she even began to lost weight. She was now able to offer help and support to her daughter without consuming her own energy field. Her daughter felt a change in her Mom’s way of being…a presence more attentive and serene, which in turn influenced her and gave her the strength to also begin a holistic routine. Lucy is doing fine today.


Caryn and Lucy are both still meditating, and concentrating their holistic brains upon the art of gently breathing through their energy centers, their chakras.  

Cécile Bersegeay

You can reach her at

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