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Ayurveda Recipe

Morning Bliss Shake



Lucia K Wolfer


5 whole almonds, skin on, soaked overnight in ½ cup water

2 teaspoons organic raw honey or maple syrup

1 ounce soy protein powder, plain or vanilla

I pinch cinnamon

1 cup low-fat vanilla soymilk

1 medium banana, peeled and sliced

1 tablespoon aloe vera juice

1 cup blueberries (optional)

Drain the almonds and discard the water.  Place the almonds in a blender, add the other ingredients and blend until smooth.  Take as a morning protein supplement and a digestive aid.

*Recipe contributed by The Chopra Center Cookbook

by Deepak Chopra M.D., David Simon, M.D. and Leanne Backer


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