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Lucia K Wolfer

Lucia empowers transformation with tools, such as meditation, creativity, intuition-based art and journaling. With meditation, she encourages creatives to connect to their true, authentic selves and enter into the field of infinite possibilities using their unique creative gifts and talents. She is a world traveler and grew up in Central America and Chile. Multicultural influences weave themselves throughout her artworks.


Lucia is a retired bilingual teacher, administrator, artist and a Chopra Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor.  She is honored to be contributing to this site as the art director and a web designer for our Awaken The Power Within e-magazine. 



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Loretta Day

Loretta Day is passionate about inspiring people to discover and embrace their joy.  She is a Chopra Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher who leads twice weekly chair yoga classes and meditation empowering people of any age to live life mindfully, and awaken to the wisdom of practicing yoga and meditation. Loretta successfully completed, with honors, a course of study in Yoga, Health & Wellness Education with the American Yoga Academy which is recognized nationally, internationally and registered with Yoga Alliance. 


You can reach her at

Ellyn Wolfe

After multiple careers— Life Coach, Human Resources Director, Corporate Stress Management Trainer, and Mom—Harvard-educated Ellyn Wolfe retired, stepped into a life of literary creativity. She is a founding member of the Diamond Valley Writer’s Guild, sat on their Board of Directors, and edits and publishes the DVWG magazine, Straitjackets.

     Grateful for the Color Blue: Surviving the Loss of An Adult Child is her memoir, a page-turning account of her journey through the death of her adult son. 

     “When Rob was dying, I looked everywhere for a book written by parents who had lost their adult child. I hoped to find solace in the company of another who knew the horror of what we were going through. I longed for someone who could look into my soul, know the intensity of my experience, and be compassionate. I found nothing. 

     “I decided to write my memoir as an outreach to those who need to know they are not alone in their loss, that someone out there understands on a deep level and offers compassion and support. The five-star reviews and thanks I receive from readers let me know the book is making a difference.”

     Ellyn is currently working on a novel about three women, from three different countries who meet at a volunteer program in Spain. Each is redefining her life and her relationships. 

     Grateful for the Color Blue: Surviving the Loss of an Adult Child is available on Amazon.  

     Ellyn’s author website:

     Straitjackets Magazine is online at:

Cécile Bersegeay

Cecile Bersegeay is a Chopra Perfect Health Ayurvedic Lifestyle Instructor, a Reiki practitioner, a speaker, a writer, a Drama Director and a singer. She is passionate about using these wide-ranging tools (from Ayurvedic resources to Voice Therapy) to help people embrace their true selves as well as give them personalized solutions for emotional and physical recovery.

You can reach her at

Bhuvana Krishnan

Bhuvana Krishnan is a Chopra Center certified instructor in Primordial Sound Meditation. A certified energy medicine practitioner, Bhuvana uses principles of yoga, energy medicine, and meditation to bring healing of body, mind and soul.  She is dedicated to guiding others to live a heart centered life. An ardent student of the healing arts, Bhuvana is grateful to share this knowledge and help people live their best life in alignment with their true self.


Bhuvana lives in Atlanta, GA and can be reached at

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Melissa lreland

Melissa Ireland is a visual artist exploring creativity in life, and most recently in writing, along with being a meditation teacher, and a student of Ayurveda. Three years ago she gave up her home in the USA to travel the world and share her skills as a volunteer. So far she has creatively navigated adventures on three continents. Australia is where she is currently planted.  Who knows where her dance with the Unknown will take her next.



Instagram: melissa.ireland.56

Facebook: Melissa Ireland Art

Ebook “Listenings”

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Jamie Cromer Grue








Jamie is an integrative holistic psychoanalyst and certified Perfect Health Chopra Instructor. She created Windows To Wisdom so she could teach about the unconscious mind and the importance of self-awareness in a community of therapist and coaches and other helperpreneurs who are looking to deepen their own inner work and possibly apply to their practices as well.

Trained in hypnotherapy before she became a psychoanalyst!  Jamie is a well-read professional saturated in the credentials to help anyone on their psychological journeys. While her private practice is at full capacity, she decided she wants to take her service to a different level. In doing so, she’s created this space as a spiritual guide and wants to help guide professionals to their unconscious mind in order to help lead a quality life, and teach it to those they help as well.

Her private practice is in New Orleans and she is on faculty at the New Orleans Birmingham Psychoanalytic Center. Also a member of the American Psychoanalytic Association, the International Psychoanalytic Association, and she is a board-certified psychoanalyst through the American Board of Psychoanalysis.

You can reach Jamie at

EK Cameron

EK is a Certified Life Coach, Meditation & Well-Being Life Style Instructor with Chopra Global and the International Coaching Federation. Previously she spent over a decade working as a Financial Analyst in Global Financial Organizations. 


Currently, EK teaches meditation classes, guides and supports youth and adults through Coaching and Retreat sessions in person and online. She believes that Mindfulness and Meditation Practice is one of the fundamental tools for being empowered, creative and whole. She is also an advocate of living a balanced life through Ayurvedic Lifestyle which is not only healthy living for individuals but also for healthier communities and the environment. 


You can reach her at

Howard Feigenbaum

Howard Feigenbaum is a writer, photographer, world traveler. He’s the author of two poetry books: How to Cook a Turkey and Other Poems and I Wish I Were a Soul Train Dancer. In the seventh grade, to shouts of “I’m famous! I’m famous!,” his Revolutionary War poem, Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys, appeared in the school newspaper.

His children’s book, We’re All Nuts!, focuses on self-acceptance. 

Excerpts From a Life on Planet Earth is a series of short essays which feature humor and themes of shared values.

He has also written an action/adventure/romance trilogy: Benny Goldfarb, Private “I”, Home Stretch, and Hot Zone. Two volumes of his trilogy, Henry Samson: Finder of Wrongdoing, written under the pen name, H. F. Jefferson, are in print.


Contact info:

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