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The Power of Grounding by Lori Painter. Listen to Lori as she discusses how we become ungrounded and how we can enjoy the scientifically proven benefits of learning how to ground ourselves by connecting with the earth. 

Is Mother Nature Calling you? by Linda Motyka. Accompany Linda as she accepts Mother Nature's invitation to sit in quiet stillness while appreciating how Mother Nature models the perfect example of commUNITY.  


The Holistic Brains by Cécile Bersegeay. Explore the art of gently breathing through your energy centers, or chakras, made up of information and consciousness.


It's a Wild World by Melissa Ireland. Follow Melissa to New Zealand as she lets go of living in the USA to travel the world as a volunteer and explore the mysteries of uncertainty.

Minding The Body by Ellyn Wolfe (with a video interview by Jim Hitt)

Ellyn is the author of Grateful For The Color Blue, a book about surviving the loss of an adult child.

An Invitation by Heather Luhmann 

Heather invites you to JUST BE with yourself as you start your day.

A Moment in Awareness by Wynne Anderson. A butterfly brings awareness to Wynne as she becomes happy and grateful to experience the perfection in Nature's offerings, both beautiful and ugly.

The Ayurveda Summer of Ojas and Ama by EK Cameron. EK describes summer days as a fiery hot pitta time of year while she invites us to experience delicious Lassi drinks. Those living in hot climates or the Southern Hemisphere can enjoy these now!

Yoga with Loretta with Loretta Day. Learn how to correctly do a simple neck roll combined with slow deep breathing to calm and balance your body, mind and life.


Meditation 1 with Bhuvana Krishnan. Bhuvana shows us how to open our hearts with this special Karuna meditation.

Meditation 2 with Jamie Cromer Grue. Jamie guides you on a meditation journey as you focus on setting your intentions.


Ayurveda Recipe submitted by EK Cameron. Three soothing Lassi drink recipes help to cool down the effects of a hot summer pitta season. 


Lucia K Wolfer, Loretta Day, Melissa Ireland, Jaimie Cromer Grue, Cécile Bersegeay, EK Cameron, Ellyn Wolfe, Wynne Anderson, Linda Motyka, Heather Luhmann, Lori Painter, Bhuvana Krishnan

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