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Table of Contents


The Power of the Unconscious  (Part 1) by Jamie Cromer Grue

Becoming Aware and Making Meaning: The Core Concepts

The Power of the Unconscious  (Part 2) by Jamie Cromer Grue

A Dream Interpretation Guide PDF


Minding the Body by Ellyn Wolfe

How does a mother survive watching cancer sweep her adult child from this

world into the next?


Living a Creative Life by Melissa Ireland 

And wherever you go, there you are!

The Key by Loretta Day

Join Loretta in a sailing adventure that changes the course of her life

Act Sing Heal by Cécile Bersegeay

Old & New: The Perfect Balance by EK Cameron

During a visit to the University of Glasgow in Scotland, EK sees similarities between the science of Ayurveda and her visit to the University of Glasgow, complementing each other. 

'I Am' Meditation with Jamie Cromer Grue

Follow Jamie in a short guided meditation to help you in setting your intentions. 


Yoga with Loretta with Loretta Day  

Learn the SunSalutation posture and breathing practice

to revitalize your body, mind and spirit.

Karuna Meditation with Bhuvana Krishnan

A Short Meditation to OpenYour Heart

Ayurveda Recipe submitted by Lucia K Wolfer

Enjoy this delicious recipe from the Chopra Center Cookbook

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The Global Light 

Lucia reminds us to give gratitude for our planet no matter where we are in the world.

Creative Expressions by Howard Feigenbaum 

A poem on Meditation

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Lucia K Wolfer, Loretta Day, Melissa Ireland, Ellyn Wolfe, Howard Feigenbaum, Jaimie Cromer Grue, Bhuvana Krishnan, Cécile Bersegeay, EK Cameron

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