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Act Sing Heal


Cécile Bersegeay

© Collage-Virginia Colas

© Ray Holliday

 A theater is a magical place. It is a powerful, sacred and ritualized space that encompasses the stage, the backstage, the workshops, and brings together a whole range of people, personalities and experiences. It is a living space where a myriad of interactive exchanges and deeply felt emotions take place. 


I see the stage as a circle. Inside it, everyone experiences feelings, gives, receives and gives again. It vibrates and it is savoured! Passion, doubt, sudden bursts of laughter, energy and laziness, we experience them all. Moreover, the circle is not only a place of creation, inclusive group work and support, it also carries an undeniable spiritual connotation.


Generally speaking, the arts play a major role in our society. Each single creation contributes to an individual and collective well-being in people’s lives. Acting and singing are two activities which bring people together and allow them to develop their imagination and stimulate a greater feeling of self-worth and self-appreciation. The first qualities are kindness, active listening and sharing. Individually or as part of a group, everyone grows and evolves. Theatre and song are excellent ways of putting reality into perspective, of exploring human beings in all their glory, their fantasies, their depth and complexities, their shortcomings and doubts. Theatre and song are both a source of play and surprises but this road to greater self-knowledge and self-confidence can also be initially disturbing and destabilizing. 


Creating is an organic act. You feel, you think, you act. You connect to your inner child. It is time to play and let go of all inhibitions. Let’s look at the happy clown as an example. A clown’s work is based on spontaneity. A clown, by definition, is anchored in the present moment. He makes a choice. This choice makes what is happening ‘real’ for him and allows him to be in harmony with all kinds of possibilities that open up to him. Our clown experiences an immense, profound and liberating feeling of joy! 















An artist thinks outside the box, clears new pathways, and explores all the emotions as they come. He listens to his heart, his unique individual rhythm, this life-force drive that is his and his alone. He learns to deal with inner upheavals. He inhabits the space around him to better inhabit himself.


In my workshops, I have seen individuals silent and closed down, but nevertheless present and attentive, ready to try the experience without wanting to admit it. Gradually they open to the movements of their inner self, and blossom, suddenly letting go and revealing their true inner selves. It is a moment of pure beauty! The same magic happens when one day students finally and suddenly discover, their own ‘vocal color’, their voice, this totally unique part of them. They DARE! Dare to be there, be there in the moment, and dare to try day after day. 


What students then experience, do or feel, before even thinking, is what transforms them! They create this inner dynamism that allows them to refocus their lives around the essential component of fully being themselves.


Therefore, I say to you - fully be yourself. Be fully confident and at ease with your unique self! Once you have taken this step, once you have placed yourself in this sacred circle, the Universe and providence are then working together with you and for you! 


The above is called Art-Therapy. Participating in a drama or singing workshop changes your experiences, your ways of thinking and feeling, your relationships with others and your environment. You will feel the emergence of your inner strength. It is guaranteed. It is inevitable. It is just magic! So, act, sing, even dance! By doing this, you are allowing yourself to express all your personal and individual authenticity. You will move forward without freezing to the spot.  Daring will become the driving force of your life. As a result, you will then have a broader, more serene and caring view of your life. You will heal yourself!

Cécile Bersegeay

You can reach her at

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